Friday, June 4, 2010

oh what a beautiful...

...craft show day!
Well, here's hoping. So far, I love today. Woke up early, had a great shower (I love changing up shampoo, don't you? new smells are so exciting!), ate eggs and toast on my back porch, vowed to finish my new business card layout before noon, and then magically did!


What do you think? The ones I'm printing out at home on cardstock are looking pretty weak, but I'm hoping it's just my cheap printer. I'll use these for the show today and tomorrow, and then get some real cards ordered online. [Psst, if you get a card from me at the show, remember, it's just a prototype! Email me with your address and I will totally mail you a "real" replacement once I get them!]

Any changes you would suggest? Of course I have it saved as a photoshop file so any minor tweaks would be easy. Unless your suggestion is "change everything" and in that case...keep it to yourself! Hah!

Left to do today:
cut out cards
finish sewing (eep!)
finish pricing/tagging
pretty myself up
help set up at the Moxie
set up my own stuff

Whewwww. xoxo


Anonymous said...

good luck! i am a new follower and i'm doing my first craft show in a few weeks!! keep us posted on how it goes:)

Carol Anne said...

Good luck at the craft show! Wish I was in Springfield, I would totally come visit you! :)

Unknown said...

i love the type on your card, super adorable! the variety of projects pictured though makes it seem scattered to me though. it would be really cool if you took just one of those things, like the quilt which is gorgeous!, and enlarged it to use as the entire background behind the type. or even the felt rose (great texture!).

Cherry Red Studio said...

i love how colorful it is! lovely :)

katecreate said...

Good luck with everything!