Thursday, September 1, 2011

whoa, hey

I'm doing a little Fall Cleaning (is that a thing?) and I figured I'd bypass Etsy and offer up some cheap cheap deals to my blog readers.

vintage sheets

vintage sheets


I have three flat-rate Priority envelopes stuffed with vintage sheet scraps. Each package contains 15-20 pieces of varying sizes (may contain one or two repeats, but not many). Selling these within the US only for $9.95 including shipping. Sold out, thanks!

vintage sheets

vintage sheets

new toy!

I'm also offering vintage sheet fat quarter packs for $7 including shipping within the US. You will receive five coordinating fat quarters of my choice, plus one bonus fabric from a stash of slightly-too-small pieces. All of the sheets were torn rather than cut, so your piece will be straight-on the grain (this means it's not always perfectly square, if the grain was off, but I always cut slightly larger than 18x22" so you can square up if need be). Feel free to leave a comment in the text field if you have a preference for or aversion to a certain color, and I will do what I can to accommodate. Use the button below to purchase.

Sold out, sorry!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Ec Helps Japan (we'll donate $10 for every registration this weekend)


ETA: Donation period is now closed. Home Ec helps Japan donated $120us via RedCross.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This weekend, we will donate $10 from each Home Ec Registration to Japan Disaster Relief (via RedCross).

Visit for full e-course details (including Project & Skills Overview, FAQ, Teacher Profiles L/R/C and Testimonials from Past Students). You can register here or with the paypal link below. Register you & a friend at the same time and we will donate $22!

Questions? Please email

What is Home Ec? Home Ec is an online sewing course created by Leigh-Ann Keffer, Rachel Denbow and Courtney Tucker. We've developed Home Ec intending for it to help increase your confidence behind the machine with usable techniques, projects you'll love and progressive development :) All three of us *love* sewing and have found it to be an extremely useful, fun and rewarding part of our lives! We hope that you can discover the same satisfaction for yourself in Home Ec and beyond!
Full information and sewing projects previews at

Sunday, March 20, 2011

new acquisitions

Ok, this post is kind of a hodge-podge, but it sums up pretty much all of my free time (read: everything I've been buying and/or obsessing over) for the past month.

New thrifted wall art.

I keep thinking about moving to a new place and how fun it's going to be to decorate! [The house I'm thinking of renting probably won't be ready until after June, but I'm still excited.] I've been collecting this stuff, like many of you, for so long that my taste has changed...a lot. When I move I'll probably have to weed out a bunch of stuff that just isn't working for me anymore.

Case in point: my pitiful bedroom wall display. Definitely staying- Elsie painting!! Probably going- "Boston Fern" (and rhino head, since Mark is claiming him).
[I actually took this pic with my phone because I thought it was hilarious that every single thing was crooked.]

Found this vintage dress during our traditional "Sunday breakfast at Anton's, flea-marketing at Charlie's" today. I love the fabric (floral cotton, my weakness!), the belt, and the micro-pleating on the skirt. I hate the buttons and the neckline. The buttons are somewhat easily fixed (though I have in mind rhinestone buttons, which can get kind of pricey), but I have no idea what to do with the bodice. Scoop neck with narrower straps? Collar? Help!

There were also a few additions to my wardrobe recently that were total splurges.
I had been really good with my spending as of late (if you don't count food, oh goodness, the food). Christmas money=bills. Birthday money=bills. Tax return=bills. Money from selling a few favorite dolls=bills. It was bound to compound into a little bit of a fixation.

New shoes!! Not counting my Toms (and a couple of thrifted pairs that were probably never worn), it's been a couple years. I'd wanted a pair of Salt Water Sandals since last summer. Cool and classic. And the J Crew flats I'd been lusting after since this post. They had sold out while in my cart twice, so I searched good ol' eBay and found that the only pair available...was my size! And a lot cheaper than buying them from J Crew. Score.
[Also: I'm pretty sure having two different pairs of mail-order shoes fit perfectly is a small miracle.]

And then...there is my new baby. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha crossbody handbag. I've coveted this bag since it came out around two years ago. My main purse previously was a MBMJ Turnlock I bought in NYC four years ago. For whatever reason, I've religiously kept up on MBMJ handbag styles for...oh...the last six years? So I don't think I've done too bad only buying two of them. ;)
This was meant to be my birthday present to myself back in February, but I had some last minute guilt. Last weekend I said to heck with the guilt, give me my bag!! And yes, it is amazing.
[PS if you ever want to order designer anything, order from Zappos. Free shipping & free return shipping means you won't lose out if you have buyers remorse, and their customer service is my opinion!]

This is how I spent my Saturday morning. Waiting alone for two and a half hours in the box office line for Elton John tickets, all the while texting a friend who was trying to get through on the online server which was hopelessly crashed. Rumors spread through the line about the lowest priced tickets selling out, the mid price selling out, the server being back up, and so forth. I watched on my phone as scalpers started listing tickets on Craigslist! When it was finally my turn I ended up getting seven tickets for my friends & I, and was so relieved that some of the rumors were false, and proud that I hadn't given up (and that I could make a few other people's day!). These babies are worth their weight in gold right now, let me tell you.

And last but not least, a new kitty. Okay, technically she's going to be living with my boyfriend. So I guess she's not really mine. But, we found her at my house! So she will always be a little bit mine. :) She is super tiny and adorable. Oh, and don't worry, I talked to my neighbor who is the expert on the local outdoor cats...she didn't have a forever home yet! Now she just needs a name.

Longest blog post ever. Sorry, I guess I've just been holding it all in. I could have broken this in to like five posts, but I probably would have forgotten half way through. Yup.
Loveeeeee, Courtney.

yes, i sewed something

Can you believe it? No, me either.

I sewed more the past two days than I have in the past two months.

I needed a little Spring pick-me-up project. Something to get me out of the work-week routine blues.
And, I had thrifted this adorable little frame last week for $3 and almost instantly had a vision for what I wanted to put in it.

Just like that, problems solved.

But then I had a new problem. In order to make one of these blocks, I had to make seven of these blocks.
[it was made with this quilt tutorial vaguely in mind; I started with seven 13" squares, and instead of cutting into a nine-patch, I cut them in a radial pattern]
So, what to do with the remaining six?


An idea of the scale, and my crazy long toes.
Also, crazy sunset lighting.

I didn't want the blocks to get lost by being next to each other. But, I didn't have enough white in my stash for sashing. Then I remembered this almost-white sheet I thrifted the other day! Okay, so maybe it's a little (a lot) busy...but I dig it. I think it might benefit from some strategic quilting. Though, that step could be years from now, so I'm going to try not to think too hard about it. ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

needs more vintage

I have definitely been trying to shy away from vintage clothing as of late, for my own sanity (/wallet/closet). But, if I didn't have to do normal human things like earn money, and wash dishes (which I totally haven't done weeks...), this is the type of vintage I would want to sit around for hours trying to recreate:


ps thanks for hoarding all the awesome vintage in one spot.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Home Ec is up and running!

As you might have already heard, registration for Home Ec opened up this past Monday. We've once again been getting some really positive feedback, and are sooo so happy to be re-releasing it for those who might have missed out the first time around. Remember, registration is ongoing and access for the new class never expires, so if you're not ready right this minute, there's no need to just forget about it. :)

Please visit the new Home Ec website for full information on our Sewing E-Course,

Registration is now open.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Back by popular demand, Home Ec!!

I know I have been ridiculously absent, my thoughts lately are more consumed by babies than sewing, fashion, or blogging (that whole working at a daycare babies for me, haha). But I have to say, I am so excited for this! Home Ec was without a doubt one of the coolest projects I have ever worked on, and I can't wait for it to reach an even bigger audience. Now without further ado...

Learn to sew at your own pace from the comfort of your own home!

Home Ec is not just for teenagers-- it's for everyone, everywhere!! Leigh-Ann, Rachel and I have created this sewing e-course for beginners and those who want to develop and polish their sewing skills! No sewing skills required-- we'll start right at the beginning (how to turn on and work your sewing machine).

Home Ec Includes:

- 3 Beginning Guides (How to Work your Sewing Machine video, Tools of the Trade, Tips & Troubleshooting video)

- 27 Step-by-Step Projects with at least one new sewing technique in each

- A Tips Post on How to Invent & Adapt Projects of your Own!

- An overall 'Frequently Asked Questions' section plus a FAQ section related to each project

- Unlimited Access (no expiry)

- A learning environment perfect for visual learners, taking it step by step! LOTS of pictures!

This course is different than others we've taught. The projects are each amazing and useful, but the real purpose behind each project lies a new built-in skill learned by practice and application. The value is insane!

This is an e-course hosted in a private blog with NO time limit and all projects are live when you arrive with instructions on how to get started. Please know, this course does not include live teacher support but almost any question you could ask or problem you could run into has been addressed :)

Visit this Monday for a full course outline with project pictures, teacher bios and registration details. Class cost, $60us

Questions? Please email Hello[at]FreckledNest[.]com

(Note: Most questions will be answered Monday on the special Home Ec website)

Saturday, January 15, 2011



Everybody makes wishes at 11:11 I guess? Do they ever come true? I think they might.

I have an amazing boyfriend. Yes, I know, that was fast. It still shocks me daily and I can't stop smiling. One thing that was really getting us down, though, was that we were both out of work. Me, by choice, of course (though working from home & missing that stability and human interaction was getting me down). Him, because there is just no work in this town right now, or anywhere for that matter.

So, for two months straight, every time I caught the clock at 11:11, I wished for the both of us to find jobs. I wasn't even picky with where or how much, just jobs.

Last weekend, the boy's brother told him about an opening at his work (it's food service, but hey, it's a job). He was told to go in on Monday to fill out an application. At the same time we were heading out to the sandwich shop--hey, a girl's gotta eat, right?--I got an email about a job opening.

At least a month before, after cruising Craigslist, I got it in my head that maybe daycare could be the career that would work for me. [Yes, I will always be a seamstress, but it is something that is very difficult to build a life on...I would prefer to keep it 'on the side'.] So, I searched for daycares in my town and found the very best one, and applied online. Even though it required degrees, certifications, and experience that I don't have, I hoped there was a chance of there being an entry-level position fit for me.

About 30 people got this email asking them to take one of those online pre-interview tests. I knew I didn't stand a chance. After we got home from the boy filling out his application, where he was also asked to come in for an interview the next day, I took the test. I did really well, I thought...I've always pretty good at timed tests. But, again, one of the first questions? Do you have CDA certification? Uhh....

The boy went in on Tuesday morning for his interview, and I woke up two minutes til in time to text him "Good luck!". His reply? "Got it! Starting today." WOW. Got up, got online, and had an email from the daycare thanking me for taking the test, and asking me to come in to interview. WOW. I couldn't believe it.

You know what the date was on Tuesday? 1-11-11. Yep.

I still had my doubts about the job, but either way I was excited--if I didn't get the job, I had decided I would pursue a degree in Early Childhood instead.

Set up an interview for Thursday and was out of my mind nervous. I read over my resume again, read the entire website for the daycare (it's a nation-wide corporation so they have a lot of information on there), and took some online test interview questions.

This is what I wore:

shirt- Target
sweater- Target
skirt- Banana Republic

This was the best business-casual-cute-"can't you picture me teaching 3 year olds table manners" outfit I could pull together on late notice. I'd had the sweater and skirt for years and never worn them. PERFECT.

Anyhow, long story long, the interview went really well (this is the first time...ever...definitely, that I can say "I nailed it!"), and yesterday I got the email offering me the position!

I'm going to get paid to cuddle with babies, make art with toddlers, and just generally try to positively impact the lives of a bunch of little people. It's kind of a dream come true. At first it will just be a part-time/on-call position, at least until the Summer, so there will be plenty of time to do seamstress work for Red Velvet. I swear, those girls have a never ending supply of amazing dresses for me to play with work on. But, eventually? I might have actually found the career for me.

I now totally believe in 11:11.
And I am a happy, happy lady.

Friday, January 7, 2011

conflicting resolutions

On one hand, I really want to resolve to save money, spend less, have less things, pay off debt, be less materialistic.

On the other hand, I really want to update my wardrobe.

Seriously, besides a few odds and ends (a couple well-used 'going out' dresses, a few vintage pieces, a pair of 'fat jeans'...), I haven't updated my wardrobe since I stared college. Weak.

I hate a lot of the stuff I own, so much that I hardly wear any of it. I even kind of hate the stuff I wear.

Maybe I could reward myself if I ever lost the weight I've been meaning to?
I really don't need any "oh you look fine the way you are!"s. When it consistently takes me an extra hour to get dressed, because I can't find anything that fits, I'm not fine the way I am. When that hour-long search culminates in the only pair of jeans that still fit, and a t-shirt just dark enough and just loose enough that you can't tell how high-waisted and frumpy the jeans are...I'm not fine the way I am.

Anyway, if I did happen to make some kind of goal, and did happen to meet it, here are some things I would buy:

I am obsessed with these flats, omg.

A new party dress.

New tights, possibly from here.

Plaid, buffalo check, gingham, and chambray button up shirts. Ones that aren't either a little too big or a little too small. With sleeves the right length (even though I'll probably still roll them up...I want options!), and no buttons missing.

New AA shirts. I know, totally lame to 'update' a wardrobe with more t-shirts. But there will never be a day where I'm not a jeans and t-shirt girl, at least most of the time. And the ones I have are kind of getting holey!

Okay, so my shopping list is pretty sparse right now. Any suggestions? Also, any tips on what to do with nice/expensive clothes that you don't want and Plato's Closet & the like don't want? I've donated a couple trunk-fulls of clothes so far and that's all well and good...but some of this stuff would pain me to donate.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 In Review

[Did you know that you can view your photos by month/year in Flickr? And that it's kind of unsettling? Me either!]

Stella. and me. and cupcakes.
It was a fun winter living downtown. Decent weather, too, considering. Living with a boy again was still honeymoon-y.

sunday stashes
Lots of hours spent decorating the loft. The light was to die for. I miss those big (freezing cold!) windows. I turned 23 (hence the streamers).

This was one of the first warm-ish days of the year. It was amazing. I just remember feeling so content.

not pieced, but can you tell i quilted over every line?
Getting the hang of my Bernina. This was the best thing I made all year.

I love my 'art' collection
Moved into our home. Was really happy to have so much room (and yard, and garage, and so on), but really sad to be leaving the charming loft. Had grandiose dreams of decorating.

raining pouring
The Spring here was incredible, I must admit. Truly made this house into a home. A year from this month I will be moving out.

just a couple of dorks
It was a hot July, so hot. So many mosquitoes. My gardening and photoshoot plans went out the window when I realized I couldn't be outside for more than two minutes at a time. This was our last full month together as a couple.

bruise, almost healed!
Worst month of the year. Got ran into by a guy on a bike. Got broken up with. Bad stuff happened.

my mad mens are showing
Single ladyyyy. Dealing with it. Trying to go out and socialize. Had a little rebound fling. Decided that craft shows definitely aren't for me.

Red All Over
This was a sad month. It would have been our two-year anniversary. Mark's nephew turned 1, and I hated no longer being a part of the family. I think I partied too hard this month. I started hanging out with one particular friend more and more.

The friend became more than a friend. I made us Thanksgiving dinner. Not how I expected to spend my first holiday season in this house (nor did I expect it to be the only!) but it went as well as it could, I think.

the men in my life
The only photo I posted in December. I don't think I got out of bed the entire month. I totally checked out like a 15 year old in history class, writing a certain boy's name on her trapper keeper a few hundred times. But I was blissfully happy, and I think it was good for me. We each had a hard time transitioning...from girlfriend to ex-girlfriend, from boyfriend to roommate, from bandmate to ex-girlfriend's new get the idea. :) But it's worked itself out for the most part and we're starting the new year as new people.

Hey, 2011, what's up?