Sunday, March 20, 2011

new acquisitions

Ok, this post is kind of a hodge-podge, but it sums up pretty much all of my free time (read: everything I've been buying and/or obsessing over) for the past month.

New thrifted wall art.

I keep thinking about moving to a new place and how fun it's going to be to decorate! [The house I'm thinking of renting probably won't be ready until after June, but I'm still excited.] I've been collecting this stuff, like many of you, for so long that my taste has changed...a lot. When I move I'll probably have to weed out a bunch of stuff that just isn't working for me anymore.

Case in point: my pitiful bedroom wall display. Definitely staying- Elsie painting!! Probably going- "Boston Fern" (and rhino head, since Mark is claiming him).
[I actually took this pic with my phone because I thought it was hilarious that every single thing was crooked.]

Found this vintage dress during our traditional "Sunday breakfast at Anton's, flea-marketing at Charlie's" today. I love the fabric (floral cotton, my weakness!), the belt, and the micro-pleating on the skirt. I hate the buttons and the neckline. The buttons are somewhat easily fixed (though I have in mind rhinestone buttons, which can get kind of pricey), but I have no idea what to do with the bodice. Scoop neck with narrower straps? Collar? Help!

There were also a few additions to my wardrobe recently that were total splurges.
I had been really good with my spending as of late (if you don't count food, oh goodness, the food). Christmas money=bills. Birthday money=bills. Tax return=bills. Money from selling a few favorite dolls=bills. It was bound to compound into a little bit of a fixation.

New shoes!! Not counting my Toms (and a couple of thrifted pairs that were probably never worn), it's been a couple years. I'd wanted a pair of Salt Water Sandals since last summer. Cool and classic. And the J Crew flats I'd been lusting after since this post. They had sold out while in my cart twice, so I searched good ol' eBay and found that the only pair available...was my size! And a lot cheaper than buying them from J Crew. Score.
[Also: I'm pretty sure having two different pairs of mail-order shoes fit perfectly is a small miracle.]

And then...there is my new baby. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha crossbody handbag. I've coveted this bag since it came out around two years ago. My main purse previously was a MBMJ Turnlock I bought in NYC four years ago. For whatever reason, I've religiously kept up on MBMJ handbag styles for...oh...the last six years? So I don't think I've done too bad only buying two of them. ;)
This was meant to be my birthday present to myself back in February, but I had some last minute guilt. Last weekend I said to heck with the guilt, give me my bag!! And yes, it is amazing.
[PS if you ever want to order designer anything, order from Zappos. Free shipping & free return shipping means you won't lose out if you have buyers remorse, and their customer service is my opinion!]

This is how I spent my Saturday morning. Waiting alone for two and a half hours in the box office line for Elton John tickets, all the while texting a friend who was trying to get through on the online server which was hopelessly crashed. Rumors spread through the line about the lowest priced tickets selling out, the mid price selling out, the server being back up, and so forth. I watched on my phone as scalpers started listing tickets on Craigslist! When it was finally my turn I ended up getting seven tickets for my friends & I, and was so relieved that some of the rumors were false, and proud that I hadn't given up (and that I could make a few other people's day!). These babies are worth their weight in gold right now, let me tell you.

And last but not least, a new kitty. Okay, technically she's going to be living with my boyfriend. So I guess she's not really mine. But, we found her at my house! So she will always be a little bit mine. :) She is super tiny and adorable. Oh, and don't worry, I talked to my neighbor who is the expert on the local outdoor cats...she didn't have a forever home yet! Now she just needs a name.

Longest blog post ever. Sorry, I guess I've just been holding it all in. I could have broken this in to like five posts, but I probably would have forgotten half way through. Yup.
Loveeeeee, Courtney.


Frau S said...

Adorable Marc and kitty! Yay!

Unknown said...

Aww cute kitty! I always appreciate a good cat photo :)

Anonymous said...

your new bag is GORGEOUS. congrats to you! my poor old turnlock is a little beat up, but I still adore it! can't wait to get another MBMJ one of these days...