Monday, June 11, 2012

I have a new blog!


Hey everyone! There are a lot fewer of you since I've been MIA for...a long time. But there are still a handful of followers holding on, probably because like me you never clean out your blog feed! And I appreciate that just as much as if you'd stuck around on purpose. 


I just dropped by to let you know I have another blog I've been working on. I thought about converting this corner of the web to a fashion blog as well, but I'm bad at wearing more than one hat at any one time. Actually, I look terrible in all hats, but that's another story entirely.

This new DCX blog is a collaborative effort between me, DCX's owner, and our interns. Janina does most of the brainstorming, idea sourcing, etc. The interns help me pull outfits and style shoots. I do most of the photography, editing, and copy writing. This may change as time goes on and we get more interns involved (or, I learn to let go of some creative control!).


Anyway, if you're a fan of easy, affordable fashion with no pretension, come check out my new home at DCX. It would be nice to have more reach than just our local regulars!