Tuesday, September 28, 2010

going to the chapel

I'm in love.

No, not with a boy.

With a dress.

vintage wedding dress

I accidentally thrifted this gem last night (was looking for books, not clothes...go figure). It's so 60's Jackie O', faux fitted skirt with huge train, and the most stunning golden embroidery. The neck detail kills me.

What kills me more is that it's made for someone around 5' tall (maybe 5'2" if you wore flats) and with a 24" waist. Child bride?

I hope to share more once I do a few repairs and press it.

Oh, and my dream dress? All cotton...slightly off-white delicate swiss dot, and a collection of vintage lace I've been gathering in my life's travels.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Booth Love!

The weather is incredible (knock on wood, there may still be rain in the forecast), I totally just had pork on a stick for lunch, and all these adorable babies and dogs are making my girl hormones run on overdrive.

Thanks to Miss Katie and Elise--both with their adorable daughters in tow--for stopping by!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Stranger Folks

Just arrived at my hotel in O'Fallon, IL. I'm sporting my fancy new red glasses (check em out on my flickr for now as I can't figure this blasted iPhone out) that I picked up before leaving town (red glasses have been a dream of mine for 10+ years!!).

If any of my readers are in the Saint Louis area, I hope you find time to come down to the Strange Folk Festival either Saturday or Sunday. I'd love to see you there. Look for me under the brightly "shingled" tent outside!

And to everyone else...have a fabulous weekend. I know I'm going to!

ps: My plans for the night? Sneak down to the Starbucks right next to the hotel, and then straight to the pool. Whee!

Monday, September 20, 2010

oh, marc

I don't care what anyone says about being a brand/label-whore, ever, when it comes to Marc Jacobs. I love him forever and ever amen. I will carry my MBMJ purse until it falls apart, and even then I might try to fix it.

Here are a couple really terrible Polyvores I made while dreaming about having an unlimited budget (and pierced ears)...

Oh, and this...

is on sale. So I can totally have it, right? What's that? It's a $70 tank top? Oh. :(

ps- Sorry to my Google Readers for the multiple posts. I hate that, don't you? Get with it, Google!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


from Nina

The lovely Nina came over last weekend and we exchanged some vintage sheet bits. I'm ashamed to say my collection, though large, was pitiful compared to hers in quality. I really came out ahead in this deal!


From an impromptu thrift store stop today. I had just had a chance run-in with someone at a shop next door...it's hard to explain, but I was feeling lucky. I almost passed up the bottom two because I didn't feel like running my card for a couple bucks. And then I saw the top sheet. You may recognize it from this bundle from Jeni that I was gaga over. I'm still debating whether I should stash it or use it. You know, as a sheet. Weird.

new product

Last but not least, I'm stashing product for Strange Folk Festival next weekend. I'm thinking it's going to be my favorite show yet. I mean, just check out the tent that we painted for our booth. Pure awesome.

new camera!

A week or so ago I was able to work out a very mutually beneficial partial-trade deal with an online pal. I needed a new camera, and I especially needed to not be laying down a lot of cash money for a brand new one.

mirror shot

Enter: the very gently used Canon Rebel XSi. I'm in love.

It's significantly smaller and lighter than my old Nikon D70. The shutter is infinitely smoother (so much so, I thought something was wrong with it at first, lol!) and the screen is at least twice as big.


I've come to realize I'm one of those people who expect expensive things to last forever. But that's not really how it works, is it?


For instance, I've been driving my car since I was 17 (about 6 years), it's almost 11 years old and I rarely give thought to someday having to drive something else.

vintage goodies

I've been using the same DSLR for at least 5 years, and would have loved for it to last longer.

thurston moore

If I'm not still sewing on my Bernina when I'm 80 I'm gonna be pissed.

jay bennett

I've had the same glasses for around a year and a half (and when I bought them, my prescription was weeks away from expiring). My cell phone is almost 4 years old.


So, I'm bringing myself up-to-date.
New camera, check.
New glasses, on order (two pairs! for the first time ever...I'm really getting in touch with the times now).
New phone, in the works, but I'm pretty pissed that AT&T doesn't keep the iPhone 3Gs in stock (and if I order it, I probably won't have it in time for my out-of-state craft show next weekend).
Please don't remind me that my computer will be 4 years old this December...my budget has been sufficiently stretched to the limits.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

i am loving...

1. Gemma Correll
My first ever blog-giveaway win, from the coolest cat-centric illustrator and with the best possible timing (we all need a 'pick me up' every once in a while, right?)! How cute is this little prize package?! I love love love her.

2. Miss Jeni
One of my favorite flickr contacts--with an incredible eye for Pyrex, quilting, and vintage sheets--sent me this sweeter than honey surprise. The funny thing is, just around the same time she must have sent it, I bought some fabric from her etsy! So, I stupidly thought it was my order that had arrived, and even just the note brought at tear to my eye. Then I thought...wait a minute, I ordered five fabrics, not three! And then, worse...hey, these aren't the fabrics I ordered! And finally, omg, it's my favorite print in every color!!, it hit me that it was a gift. I'm not used to surprise packages, and it definitely caught me off guard...in the best possible way. :)

2. Tasha Early
I was fortunate enough to have this beautiful, kind, talented girl contact me via the blog, curious about a job with the alterations shop I work at. We had a little chat on the phone about whether she suited the shop and the job suited her, and then she applied...and was hired! Thank goodness. They were really struggling to find someone 'good enough', and I know after working with her the past few weeks, she's nothing short of perfect.

This picture is from a sweet little event up on Commercial Street on Friday that Tasha invited me to. Doesn't she look like a natural vintage model?


This is what I wore to the vintage fashion show. I had to take a picture, since I was only out of the house for maybe an hour. I love this dress, will have to tell you the story behind it some other time...

3. Ishy Jewelry
My life went through some really unexpected changes lately, and I felt the urge to buy myself something special, you know the feeling? I rarely wear jewelry, but have in the past, and love the calming, tactile nature an 'everyday' piece can have. I decided I needed a necklace that I could wear day, night, in the shower, dressed up or dressed down.

I had recently fallen in love with the hand-cut silver pendant trend on etsy, and spent hours searching for something that 'had special meaning'. When I finally came across Chantel's shop, saw her obvious talent, and noticed that she was open to custom orders...my hunt was over. She modeled this piece for me after my favorite pair of scissors that belonged to my grandmother. I just got it today and was blown away. It looks better than I ever could have imagined. It's me to a 'T' and I never want to take it off again.

4. You!
Thanks for sticking around through my many unexplained absences. Soon, I should be ready to explain. :) Home Ec is drawing to a close (bittersweet!) and I have a mile-long list of work to catch up on. I hope to start making more regular appearances around here...but I don't make promises I can't keep, so let's just say I'll see you when I see you...and that I look forward to it!