Monday, January 18, 2010

too many weeds

Too Many Weeds

I've been getting these goofy cross stitch kits from Joann's lately, they're $1.29 and seriously....Too Many Weeds? Amazing. This is the first I've finished, I think it took a month's worth of occasional lunch breaks to work it up! It's about 2.5" square.

dolly shelf...

Today I started working on decorating the walls. Too much fun. Ironing old concert posters that never got put up, spray paining clothespins to put them up with, hand washing old vintage fabric goodies that need to be displayed...

New goal: one "finish" a day. UFOs, unfinished projects, etc.
Yesterday it was the Blythe shelf, toady it was the cross stitch. Hoping tomorrow will be the bedroom curtains.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

wardrobe remix #2 & 3

What to wear when going out for the first time in weeks?

hoody: F21
dress: To The Max (years and years one time my most loved dress...I think it needs to be hemmed up and the straps need to be changed out, these are adjustable and slip a lot)
tights: ? from JCPenny
satin bow flats: Ann Taylor Loft from the half of half store for $6 <3
henley: sleep shirt from WalMart $3 on clearance
brown skirt: I <3 Ronson
floral skirt: H&M (altered by me)
red tights: from JCPenny
shoes: thrifted


This morning, I had the pleasure of discovering that our neighbor-friends are dog-sitting for a week. Seeing as it was a whole fifty degrees out today, I asked if we could take their little pup Stella (!) for a walk. And walk we did.

We smelled lots of interesting smells.

We not only walked, we ran!

We stopped and had a chat with JR (from Sweetwater Abilene, the Boogeymen, etc).

We got cupcakes from Amy Cakes!

And it, all of it, was good.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wardrobe remix #1

wardrobe remix #1
alphabet necklace, handmade, bought @ rock n roll craft show
cardigan, thrifted, gap
dress, urban outfitters
leather clutch, target years ago
tights, idk?
heels, thrifted, ann taylor loft

I meant to post this sooner. It was actually taken, um, in late autumn, I would guess. In fact, it was the day we got back in to town from the Rock'n'Roll Craft Show! That's where I purchased the oh-so-awesome alphabet necklace I'm wearing with this outfit. I wore this out to one of Mark's band's shows at Lindberg's, this cool little bar up on Commercial Street...just down the road from Red Velvet Art.

I would do wardrobe remix more often, but damn it's cold out, and damn if I don't wear a tshirt and jeans every single day. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

sunday stash #4

Glad I didn't forget this weekend!

sunday stash 4

This vintage brocade was saved out of a bag of junk fabric at my (late) grandparent's estate sale over 7 years ago. I didn't even sew then, yet (though it wasn't long after I started teaching myself, using my grandmother's sewing machine), besides hand-piecing quilt blocks. I don't think I'll ever find anything good enough to use it for.

Suggestions? I would guess it's 45" wide and about a yard and a half.