Sunday, September 19, 2010


from Nina

The lovely Nina came over last weekend and we exchanged some vintage sheet bits. I'm ashamed to say my collection, though large, was pitiful compared to hers in quality. I really came out ahead in this deal!


From an impromptu thrift store stop today. I had just had a chance run-in with someone at a shop next's hard to explain, but I was feeling lucky. I almost passed up the bottom two because I didn't feel like running my card for a couple bucks. And then I saw the top sheet. You may recognize it from this bundle from Jeni that I was gaga over. I'm still debating whether I should stash it or use it. You know, as a sheet. Weird.

new product

Last but not least, I'm stashing product for Strange Folk Festival next weekend. I'm thinking it's going to be my favorite show yet. I mean, just check out the tent that we painted for our booth. Pure awesome.


Alyssa Bennett Smith said...

I totally have the bottom two sheets in the bottom picture :) They are gorgeous. I have *also* run into the dilemma about whether or not to cut up a sheet or use it for it's original purpose. haha. They're SO SOFT.

Alyssa Bennett Smith said...
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Unknown said...

Oh, psssh! I was thrilled to get to go through your stash! You really have some amazing sheets that I was so excited to get pieces of. <3