Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 In Review

[Did you know that you can view your photos by month/year in Flickr? And that it's kind of unsettling? Me either!]

Stella. and me. and cupcakes.
It was a fun winter living downtown. Decent weather, too, considering. Living with a boy again was still honeymoon-y.

sunday stashes
Lots of hours spent decorating the loft. The light was to die for. I miss those big (freezing cold!) windows. I turned 23 (hence the streamers).

This was one of the first warm-ish days of the year. It was amazing. I just remember feeling so content.

not pieced, but can you tell i quilted over every line?
Getting the hang of my Bernina. This was the best thing I made all year.

I love my 'art' collection
Moved into our home. Was really happy to have so much room (and yard, and garage, and so on), but really sad to be leaving the charming loft. Had grandiose dreams of decorating.

raining pouring
The Spring here was incredible, I must admit. Truly made this house into a home. A year from this month I will be moving out.

just a couple of dorks
It was a hot July, so hot. So many mosquitoes. My gardening and photoshoot plans went out the window when I realized I couldn't be outside for more than two minutes at a time. This was our last full month together as a couple.

bruise, almost healed!
Worst month of the year. Got ran into by a guy on a bike. Got broken up with. Bad stuff happened.

my mad mens are showing
Single ladyyyy. Dealing with it. Trying to go out and socialize. Had a little rebound fling. Decided that craft shows definitely aren't for me.

Red All Over
This was a sad month. It would have been our two-year anniversary. Mark's nephew turned 1, and I hated no longer being a part of the family. I think I partied too hard this month. I started hanging out with one particular friend more and more.

The friend became more than a friend. I made us Thanksgiving dinner. Not how I expected to spend my first holiday season in this house (nor did I expect it to be the only!) but it went as well as it could, I think.

the men in my life
The only photo I posted in December. I don't think I got out of bed the entire month. I totally checked out like a 15 year old in history class, writing a certain boy's name on her trapper keeper a few hundred times. But I was blissfully happy, and I think it was good for me. We each had a hard time transitioning...from girlfriend to ex-girlfriend, from boyfriend to roommate, from bandmate to ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend...you get the idea. :) But it's worked itself out for the most part and we're starting the new year as new people.

Hey, 2011, what's up?


Lea said...

It sounds like a difficult year.
Maybe your not starting the year as a new person but as an improved version of your already wonderful self.
Hope 2011 brings you everything you desire and dream.

Michele said...

This post just made me so totally sad! Stop it! I hope 2011 is better for you. Now, I need t go find something to cheer myself up. Geez.

Bee said...

oooh it sounds like you had some drama... but i like your positive attitude. I havent had the greatest year either or the one before that really.. but i feel like things are looking up again. we have to stay optimistic!