Tuesday, June 29, 2010

treasures old and new

This past week I discovered the dining table was a great place to cut out fabric. I also discovered that Mark really doesn't want my work taking over the dining room!

So, today I had a stroke of almost-genius and swiped our old dining table from off the back porch.

Voila, instant work space. It's not quite ideal, but I saved a little square footage by stuffing my fabric underneath. And, best of all, it was free!

As for that "new" treasure? Well, today I am happy to say...I found the holy grail of paint-by-numbers....

The Last Supper! How awesome is that? For all of $5.

[I would never use this blog as a platform to try to influence your beliefs (or any platform for that matter! my beliefs are more "apathetic" than anything), and I would hope for the same respect from my readers, but I just want to note that in our household, this painting is valued more for its kitsch and its humor than any intrinsic meaning...]

I think it's going above the archway between the living & dining rooms, if I can ever get Mark to help me hang anything.


Christina said...

Great deal!!

They totally sell this kit at Hobby Lobby! Aaannnd... I'm totally planning on buying it and doing it in the funkiest of funk colours.... hee hee hee

courtney.janelle.sews said...

No wayyyy, that's awesome! I want to see when you're done!