Thursday, June 10, 2010

thursday mini-quilt

Since I've been keeping up the Tuesday Treasury successfully for a few weeks, I thought I'd tried to add another weekly feature!

A month or so ago I found this book...

for $2.99 at Borders. Honestly, it's not very good! The piecing directions are frustrating and useless, and most of the fabric choices/combinations are either boring or visually offensive. Truthfully, I'm very difficult to please when it comes to quilting books. But, hey, there's a reason it was in the bargain section, you know?

Anyway, despite its shortcomings, it's a pretty good reference if you're looking for some blocks to make. Very straightforward and encyclopedic.

Since I don't really make quilts with "blocks" in the traditional sense, I decided to work my way through it, making single-block mini-quilts.



The machine "blanket stitch" was really fun to play with. Oh, and the binding? That would be single fold bias tape (folded in half, of course), making it a very scant 1/4" on each side! I really love the affect though, so I think I'll keep using it.


Next time I'll probably hand-stitch the loop area, which was a bit difficult to do on the machine.

Oh, and it's for sale over here.

I'll have a new one for you next Thursday!