Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bravo: artsy fartsy

New crush:

Miles from Bravo's Work of Art.

(okay you may doubt me, but he is much cuter...and more brooding, on the show!)
He is definitely the type of Art Boy that distracted me in my college classes. They were a bit few and far between at Missouri State unfortunately, but still oh so sweet.

As far as the show goes...well. I was skeptical, the intro section made it feel like 2-D Design first day of Freshman year, ya know? Then the art got good(er) ((what?! I wasn't an English major)), and I got into it. It was interesting seeing process happening in such a short amount of time, in a clean foreign environment.

Of course, way over-edited, what else would you expect from Bravo? And for anyone who watched the first episode--wow did they skirt the issue of "Powerful Pussy" or what?? How was it not at all shown or discussed (or burned)?

The critique section made me super uncomfortable. After all those years having them, I'm still not sure my stance on crits. Necessary evil.

I think the show is bound to get mildly interesting, if it doesn't cause traumatizing flashbacks first. We'll probably be canceling our t.v. package before too long though, so I'll have to watch the remainder of the series online eventually. In other words, don't spoiler me!


cocosparkle said...

I haven't heard of this show...I will have to check it out! ps. he is very cute!