Sunday, June 13, 2010

lots of projects

One way I've discovered to keep myself motivated & productive is to allow free-range.

Like, if I'm cleaning up my room and come across an old project I never got around to, I'll work on it. Or if I have some crazy new sewing idea, I'll do it (instead of writing it down or plain old forgetting about it). I might never finish anything this way, but for certain times it seems very applicable.

Here's what I've got going right now...

"Canvas", primed. Mark gave me this old peg board that he had prepped to be hung on the wall, for my sewing room. I want to do some kind of abstract painting on it before I hang it up, but I'm lost, as usual. I tried to find some inspiration online & came up with a bunch of nothing.

Oh and incidentally, does anyone know of a good source for peg board hooks? The ones at Lowe's were SO expensive and not even the size I wanted, and I can't find anything good and affordable online either.

A little mindless, pretty sewing that makes my heart flutter! (I do have a hopefully less-than-mindless plan for these, though.) In my newest Pyrex, a pattern/shape I hadn't seen in person yet, yay.

And a bit of quilty art. Yup, I decided to branch out and try something new. Still needs binding, label, and hanging hook, then I'll share the whole thing. :)

Oh my golly I think I got twenty mosquito bites while I was outside taking these. I love summer but eeek, no fun!


sarah nicole said...

LOVE that casserole! Lucky you!