Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tuesday treasury: "suspender"

This one all started with that first skirt. Faux suspenders that tie around the neck like a halter strap? Adorable. I want to make seven of those skirts and wear them every day of the week. Didn't think I could find anything to top it but...that yellow romper? That orange bathing suit? To die for.


♥ Carrie Shan said...

Love the top skirt and the idea of the suspendered halter. BUT I MUST have the orange bathing suit...soo cute and even a bit modest, can't beat it.

Barnicles said...

i am in love!

been designing something last week to bust out on the sewing machine when i have a second. something simple at first ;)

I even think in black it would look suitable for work (in an office)! (the skirt not the bathing suit!)


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the fyi on the "cheater" fabric. I figured it had something to do with quilting but wasn't quite sure. There is some of that wedding ring quilt style fabric in there. Not really my style.