Friday, July 30, 2010

more on the quilts

Yesterday evening our power went out right as we were about to cook dinner, so we decided to go out instead, and of course we didn't think to call it in until after we got back. Result?

* first episode of the new Project Runway didn't record (and isn't playing again until Saturday? gah! Bravo how I miss thee!)

* I didn't have time to list those quilts on etsy

* I had no idea what to do!

So, I basted a quilt in the dark. Yep. It was around 8:30 when we got back so there was still a bit of twilight outside at first. But by the halfway point I was working mostly by feel with the occasional help from a flashlight. Hah! I would show you my handiwork but this one is a gift for a friend, and though I doubt she reads my blog, there's always a chance.

Anyway, I got the little guys up today...


[more images at the listing]


[more images on my flickr and at the listing here]