Monday, July 19, 2010

a little catch-all

I've spent a lot of time cutting, cutting....


cutting my vintage sheet stash down (the lid won't close, something must go!).

Used said cuttings....


to make a pincushion.

My two favorite finds of the weekend....


gen-u-ine (I guess?) Pucci silk skirt found in between the wool plaid minis and denim maxis. Not really my style clothing-wise so I'd like to use it for fabric...if only I can think of a better use;


and an only-barely-used paint by numbers kit. The Eiffel Tower as you can see, using the box as a reference (which I obviously did not do...), was marked wrong. Plus the included paint was weak to say the least. Started the clown with some better acrylics. A very relaxing $2.


Mark and I are getting our very own screen printing set-up tomorrow (yaaayyy!) so I've been practicing my tracing. I can draw, but it makes my head hurt. I was much too serious about it as a child.

And lastly I have to show off the cutest baby I have ever had the pleasure of knowing...


Mark's nephew. We got to babysit him on Saturday and it was the best day ever :) as is any day we get to hang out with him. xoxo


Teddi said...

the nephew is adorable!