Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Have you all heard of this place?
I just came across it today. It's pretty dang cute. If I wasn't already knee-deep in paypal, etsy, and flickr fees, I might sign up for a Whoo! account (at $12/month it hits way harder than, five times harder, and offers much less storage & exposure).

But I did sign up for a free account, just for fun:

I'm thinking of starting up a commission list for Christmas orders. Worth a try! Otherwise I will keep working on building up stock for when the time comes. :) Also thinking of letting go of some of my 'personal stock' of quilts. So sad to see them go unused.

Although it does make my day to hear Mark say "Can I have another quilt? I want to cover up. I love you. I love you for making lots of quilts." Aww!