Tuesday, July 20, 2010

just one of those days

You know those days, you feel great, everything is going right...and then bam, something happens?

I think, I'm hungry, need to go to the store. It starts pouring down rain.
Okay, give mom a call and catch up.
It starts to let up, get in my car to go...this is like, a two minute drive mind you...am about 15 seconds too late to make it across the train tracks. Ends up being about a 10 minute long train, really! They're never that long during the work day! I was literally yards from the store.
Doing self-checkout (my fav) and a few of my items don't ring up on sale, I reluctantly be a pain...a very
polite pain...to get them to override, making an already too long trip MUCH longer.
My receipt doesn't print. Have to be a pain again.
Get outside, aaaaand it starts pouring down rain again.

But! All in all I'm a happy girl. I've got good food sitting in front of me. The train gave me inspiration for a quilt I can someday hopefully make. I have two quilts solidly planned to the finish line that I'm really excited about--one for the shop and one for a dear friend. Home Ec is getting closer and closer to starting, and we have some seriously awesome students! I've been trying to keep up with everyone through my Google Reader.

Work of Art tomorrow...Mad Men on Sunday...just rented The Runaways and Shutter Island (this one we saw in theaters). When I was looking for images for this post, I came across Jacob Whibley, seriously love. In an interview he says that he's been collecting old papers and office ephemera for years...that's kinda hot right? His work reminds me of a modern-day Kandinsky. And I'm feeling super inspired for our soon-to-come printmaking adventures.

Yeah...life is good!


sarah nicole said...
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BrianofMoore said...

i was totally all "that looks sorta like kandinsky"

i wrote a paper or two on him back in the day.. and also made an animation inspired by his work

also.. will this quilt be covered in graffiti? cause it should be.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes those days are there to remind us that while these things are a pain in the a** , it's really not all that bad.

I LOVE the collages. Very Kandinsky indeed :)