Saturday, October 30, 2010

Red Velvet Grand Opening

The sun was setting when I arrived at around 5:30 (hellloooo Winter!) and the light was beautiful.




I worked on this rainbow stripe dress a couple days ago, so in love with it.

Balloons coming out of a dollhouse? Yes, please. I think this should be a regular staple in the store decor.

Obsessed with the wedding section, which is still in its early stages.

This one's my favorite. Not that I have any use for it. ;)



Yes, these are as fun to use as they are to look at. I have a new dress! I will share it as soon as I let out the waist a little bit. Eep.



So sweet. (and salted caramel cupcakes? mmmm)

I am so proud of those girls (and boys!), it's really a dream. I don't usually feel comfortable in vintage stores, but the atmosphere is just incredible. It kind of makes you wish you could grab your sleeping bag and spend the night. Here's to a successful grand opening, and an even more successful future!


a blog about the little things said...

Seeing these photos of the grand opening makes me want to hop in the car and drive all the way down there to see it in person! It's definitely dream-worthy - vintage goodness & sweets all in one place! Loved reading this post. :)

Unknown said...

Wowwww, it looks absolutely gorgeous. I was trying to decide all day yesterday if I should go, but I ended up having to work late, so by the time I got out it wasn't worth trying to stop by. :-/ It looks A-mazing though...I hope was a successful opening!

Julie Weaver said...

The balloon dollhouse is awesome! It's so "Up."

I so wished I live closer and could check out the store.

red dirt revival said...

It looks so awesome! I'm making a stop on our way to Indiana for Christmas this year!! I cant' wait!

Chickything said...

You take beautiful photos. I've always found taking indoor photos so difficult.

Pearl said...

Wish I could come and visit!
I love to see new boutiques!
My dreams to own one too..(((sigh)))one day.

Your place looks so lovely!