Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a little peek inside

Do you know why I rarely share pictures of my (otherwise lovely) home?
I'm messy. And not cute messy.
Gross messy.
I've kind of been a hoarder-in-the-making my entire life.
Just one completely traumatizing life event from being buried in Wal-Mart bags, empty cereal boxes, and cat fur.
Wherever I live, no matter how big or how small, there are always boxes lining the walls.
I'm never completely unpacked.
But I'm working on it (mentally, physically, emotionally, et al).
And someday I hope to be able to blog pictures of my home. Not fake pictures where I move some stuff from one side of the room to the other in order to get a good shot.
Real, clutter-free, moving-box free, junk-free pictures of a beautiful home.


We moved my doll cabinet out of Mark's room (previously my sewing room) finally, into its new home in the dining room. I was hesitant, but it looks amazing. I even spent a few hours very carefully drilling new holes in order to move the bottom shelf up. Call me crazy, but I think a doll collection looks much more grown-up when they're standing.

[You can see better shots of my collection on my flickr here, here, and here.]

Now for a little much-needed advice:

1) See those packing peanuts where the glass meets? That was my genius solution for keeping the doors from banging whenever someone so much as tiptoes by. Is there a more attractive solution out there that I'm not aware of?

2) What should I put on the middle shelf???


Lea said...

What you could do is hang their spare clothes on the middle shelf. It would add more color to the cabinet.

I am also a messy hoarder. We live in a small flat that is never tidy and there is bags of my "crap" (English slang word for trash) as my boyfriend calls them but they are really my collections and half started crafts everywhere.

I think we both dream of the day we live in a house so i can have a whole room to myself.


sarah nicole said...

I love it! I'm not sure about the packing peanut situation, but I think that some Pyrex or some colorful sewing supplies in cute jars would look great in the middle.

I am the complete opposite, by the way, so clean that it consumes my life - I am jealous of people like you who can be relaxed about it! I have force myself NOT to clean things, and I am so proud when I can leave a dish in the sink or go a day without making my bed. : )


Sarah said...

They make little clear plastic "bumpers" that you can stick onto your cabinet doors. Any home improvement store should have them by the felt pads that you put on the bottom of furniture so it doesn't scratch your floors...

Mandolin said...

i agree with sarah on the solution to keep your doors from banging together. go look in the glass section of your local craft store (or walmart) and try to find the spacers that you put under glass tops on tables. you know the kind you put on glass when it rests on top of metal or wood?

and put some of your sewing books or other fashion oriented books on the middle shelf in a cute arrangement with maybe a vase of flowers or some cute pottery.