Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lately: loved





mister kitty man (who has been a nuisance lately--he goes through stages--but I love him still)

quilt favs as of late

dreaming about having time to quilt again


working on vintage for the RVA grand opening this Friday. these are a few amazing scraps I've saved from hemming dresses.
L-R: cotton/poly gingham, cotton swiss dot, cotton velvet, cotton plisse (love), striped acetate satin
best part about working for RVA: getting to dig through all the vintage before everyone else
worst part about working for RVA: having to give it all back when I'm done working on it
[hope to see some of you there Friday night!]


Tasha Early said...

I'm a bad friend. I didn't text you back. Of course, I miss you. I would text you now, but it's too late. huh. Anyway...I'll see you tomorrow. ANNNNNND I kind of forgot about Red Velvet tomorrow and scheduled a bunch of other crap. We might be able to come by afterwards...depending on how late it'll be open && how embarrassing it would be to show up in a halloween costume...