Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lately: found


gorgeous felted wool throw blanket (considering how tiny it is, I'm guessing it wasn't intended to be felted...but I'm so glad somebody screwed up!) that matches my favorite chair perfectly; retro sewing books...crazy valuable resources!


a couch! that cost $9.97 and perfectly matches both of our arm chairs (we've been looking for a good 6 months)...but unfortunately only leaves room for one of the chairs in the living room.


thrifted Dritz tailor's ham and seam roll, $2.98 each; these have been missing from my supplies for quite some time...so glad to get them second hand...not only did I save some money, but these are way more substantial than the new ones!


Megan V said...

I love the plaids on your ham and seam roll!!! Amazing! Mine aren't as bright and now I'm jealous :D

Unknown said...

love all of it. isn't it so fun to find great stuff?

Anonymous said...

That readers digest sewing book is the BEST reference ever! I recommend it to all of my sewing students!