Sunday, October 3, 2010

Red All Over (and Blue)


It was the strangest thing. Friday night, Mark put me on the guest list for a show he was playing at this odd, gothy strip-club called Rok Bar. And this is what I wore. I'm still not sure if it's acceptable to wear red clothing with red glasses. I'm also not sure if a plaid shirt dress is the most appropriate attire for a strip-club. However, I am sure that it was the most fun I've had at a show in a long while. So, that was a very pleasant surprise.

I had always imagined I would be incredibly uncomfortable being at a strip-club with Mark. But, as it turns out, it can be quite fun when you're just friends (and roommates).

It's been a couple months, now. It felt strange not saying anything about it. We truly are friends, and most people can't understand that. We are both as happy as single, working, 20-somethings with a messy roommate can be. We are supportive of each other, and still spend time together regularly. Tonight, Mad Men and wine.

My only twinge of discontent is the change of seasons. This weekend was full of the smells of Autumn to outdoor fire, leather, old books, the heater kicking on for the first time...but in my heart, Autumn feels like love. My fingers are frozen through, and my bed is cold. I know I wont be a 20-something single forever, but I can't help wishing sometimes that we'd made it through the winter. Instead, I'll be taking a couple extra blankets to bed with me at night, and looking wistfully at cute boys who give their jackets to their girlfriends.


Unknown said...

Oh, Courtney! I must say this entire post, picture and all, brought a little tear to my eye.

First of all, I love your outfit, and the photo is amazing. Those red stockings are A-dorable. I'm not sure what the rule is on wearing red with red glasses is either, but you pull it off, so I think you're safe? I dig it.

About Mark - better to have a good friend who you can laugh with, rather than a boyfriend you can't bear to cuddle with on a chilly Autumn night, no?

Look up, buttercup! <3

Jeni Baker said...

Sending you air hugs and bunny kisses from George!

You are amazing :)

sarah nicole said...

Don't be sad! I am a twenty-something single as well, and while it can be hard seeing happy couples, I always feel proud that I am making it on my own, without the help of anyone. When the time is right, I can make room in my already happy life for someone who really wants to be there - and you will too. You are amazing. Keep your chin up. Things will get better.

And your red outfit is amazing.


Tasha Early said...

How bizarre. I have a dress 94% like yours. Actually I have two. One is yellow. Actually I have three. The third is yellow, as well. I needed the extra buttons.

And this is the part where I say cheer up and you're awesome (and you are); but one thing you'll learn about me is that I am really bad at empathy. Sympathy, too. I never really know what to say. Sorry. Somehow I'm just SURE that you won't be a twenty-something single forever. Or even much longer for that matter.

And....goth strip club??? Creeeeeeepy.

Stephanie said...

Aw, your post makes me sad inside...but your picture makes me smile. =) Life has a way of working itself out. Love (and Spring) will come before you know it. <3

mama*thayer said...

I second everyone else's comments. Your outfit IS darling. And from what I can tell- you're wonderful and a guy would be lucky to have you!

I wanted to let you know (I've already told LA and Rachel)- Home Ec and the last chat I shared with you and LA really really encouraged me to go out on a limb with my sewing. Not only did I start making and altering more clothes than ever, but I applied for a job as a seamstress/designer at a boutique here in Columbia. I interviewed last week for it and we're now in the process of figuring out where and when I should start. :) You've been an inspiration to me and I can't wait to meet you when I come down for the RVA opening. (hopefully)

p.s. in one of Elsie's outfit photos, she's wearing a peachy pink mini dress that she said you altered- I am dying to know how you did it!

skunkboy said...

Here is the rule about red glasses + red anything:
There aren't really such things as "rules" for style. It's you. Make it what you want. :)

red dirt revival said...

Miss Court... you break my heart. You're in such an exciting place. Embrace your life. I see both happiness and sadness in this post, but mostly, I think you're just a really great girl, with really great things ahead of her. The change of the seasons gets me every time, too... Much love.

Anonymous said...