Monday, October 4, 2010

quicky sale!

Hey y'all.
Sorry for being a lame-o and posting zero craftiness lately. Miss Tasha explains it best (although she has totally been working more hours at our job than me and I should be ashamed yadda yadda).

I just noticed that all the gorgeous buttons left in my shop are expiring this week (some the 7th, some the 8th, and some the 9th). I really kind of hate paying double etsy fees, don't you?

So if you will help me out, and keep me from having to re-list them next week, I will pass the savings on to you (and then some).

30% off on all cards of buttons through Saturday. Refund will be given via paypal after your purchase.

Looooove you. I have some pretty pictures to post, soon, I promise.


Haylee said...

why oh why did I not find your blog and etsy shop sooner? I have been on a hunt for buttons like this for something i'm maybe for weeks now and just yesterday I finally ordered some that I didn't even like that much. And I like these ones so much better! Ugh I hate when that happens.

Pearl said...

CUTE buttons!