Monday, August 9, 2010

best weekend ever

Okay, maybe not ever. But still up there.
Friday I worked (who me?!), my old job needs help indefinitely--a culmination of a string of crazy new-hires and the owner being on medical leave--so it's back to the grind for now.

Saturday I got to babysit my favorite little guy again...this time I was alone, which was really intimidating, I've never been alone with a baby in my life! But I kept him from eating things he wasn't supposed to, and got him to eat the things he was supposed to, and even got him to sleep through a few Star Trek episodes. Success :)

Sunday, after a lot of convincing, I got Mark to go to my favorite thrift store with me. I ended up with these...


another sheet for the stash, and a crazy cool brand new vintage guestbook.
Mark ended up with a Don't Spill the Beans shirt (seriously; he came up behind me in the store wearing it and I laughed so hard I choked).

Then, it got kind of crazy. It was around 7:30pm but I decided I didn't feel like going home yet. We joked that we should go mini golfing. Then Mark joked about going mini golfing in Branson (little over a half hour away). Then he called a friend who used to live there, to find out if a putt putt place would even be open that late on a Sunday. And before I knew it the three of us were on our way!

Long story short, it pays to know people who know people, because we each got a giant Starbucks drink, two go-kart rides, and a bumper boats ride for free (all told probably around $100 worth of fun)! I had only done go-karts one other time, years ago, so I was kind of terrified. Don't worry, I'm alright! But the bumper boats had water guns, so we got soaking wet.

Then we took these:

Played Ice Man, Deal or No Deal, and gave a nice family my 106 tickets at the arcade.
Ate the best BLT of my life.
Had a peaceful ride home a little after midnight.

Being spontaneous is pretty cool. I plan on doing it again soon. :)

p.s. Home Ec starts tomorrow, so if you were still thinking about signing up, better do it tonight!! I can't believe it's time, it snuck up on me like real for real back-to-school time. Whee!


Carol Anne said...

we did putt putt tonight too! and starbucks but we had to pay for it all! haha! I forget how much I love putt putt! :)

Excited about home ec tomorrow!!

Stephanie said...

Putt putt is SO much fun! There is one just down from where we are living right now...we need to go. Oh and I love that sheet! I have been on the search for vintage sheets for our projects.

bobloblah42 said...

you failed to mention that the photo booth was possessed by the devil and only made devil noises as opposed to telling us when the pictures where being taken. nothing posed here folks! just wet, confused, people.

bobloblah42 said...

also i don't know why google still thinks my name is bill.

courtney.janelle.sews said...

Carol and Stephanie, ah you know we ended up not even having time for putt putt, HAH! It was still fun though :) and we should definitely go back to do's been TOO long!

Bill aka Mark, you're right, I thought about mentioning the demon in the photobooth but I couldn't properly think of how to describe those terrifying sounds. Kind of like when the battery is wearing out on your Tamagatchi. And then the devil possesses it.

Tasha Early said...

Which alterations place did/do you work at? Are they still hiring? I just graduated from MSU and need. a. job. Might as well be something I like, right?

You can email me at

tasha dot early at gmail dot com