Saturday, August 14, 2010

Very Superstitious

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Wow, what a week-of-Friday the 13th!

Had to take my car to the mechanic because it was shuddering/dying.

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Went to the salon to get my hair dyed (for the last time!), I was super excited because I was going to have it matched to my roots and be able to grow out my natural color.

The stylist fought with me the entire time, constantly trying to talk me into everything I didn't want, and it turned out awful. My 2" roots were still brown, except now they were zebra striped brown. The rest of my hair was still a weird dark red. What?! I even asked her if she needed to lighten it first! Who puts light brown over dark red and expects that to work?

So, I called the next morning and asked what I should do. They had me come in immediately to get it fixed (really, would have loved to just had my money back). She bleached, and bleached, and dyed, and well, it's a lot better! All told I spent 5 hours at the salon. Not fun.

Got home from the salon feeling a bit less perturbed, and realized my brake lights were stuck on. How is that even possible?? I thought. After some Googling, I learned to crawl underneath the dashboard, on my back, in 100 degree heat, to unplug the break lights and save my battery.

Went in to the mechanic Friday and they were too busy to get to me, so I still have to go back on Monday. Went back to work thinking, what else could go wrong?

And then I got a nose bleed. Okay, it totally wasn't as bad as this picture! But it was just so random, I really didn't think I could be an unluckier. I started to think I should probably stay home for the night.

Despite my worries, Mark and I left to go to a concert downtown. You usually have to park a few blocks away from the bar, no big deal. We entered the cross walk at a four-way stop we've walked through hundreds of times it seems. And then, to my left, I hear a man's voice going "whoa whoa whoa...." (and he wasn't cat calling me!)...

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It was a guy on a bike coming right for us. I really didn't have any time to react. Mark says I tightened my grip on him and leaned into the dude on the bike! Yikes! I don't remember that, but I do remember thinking "not my ankles!" (I don't know, it's some weird phobia). I guess it's totally possible, though, that my reaction was to 'fight' rather than 'flight', eep! He hit me really hard, but luckily with the stance I took, I didn't even end up on the ground...he only got my left forearm. Of course, he took a pretty nasty spill, and I helped him get his bike out of the street and everything. But...yeah! Not to be insensitive to bike-riders, I know they have it tough...but he didn't stop at the four-way-stop, and he was riding fast through downtown on a busy Friday night. Not a smart decision! And by the looks of the previous cuts and bandages he was sporting, it wasn't the first he had made. So we moved on.

Anywhoo, I survived, albeit with some pretty nasty bruises, and a sore scalp/neck. I was pretty glad for midnight to come yesterday.

What about you, are you superstitious? Have any interesting Friday the 13th stories? Know a good source for rabbit feet or four leaf clovers?


Carol Anne said...

wow! sounds like a tough week! I hope next week is much better for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have had a tough week! My birthday is on the 13th July so sometimes falls on a Friday but nothing of any interest has every happened to me. One year I even rode in the backward facing back seat of a Volvo estate car holding a big cream birthday cake and still nothing happened! Since then I've had no faith in Friday 13th superstition.

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness lady! You did have a rough day. I'm sorry and hopefully your weekend was WAY better!! ♥

Jeni Baker said...

Yikes! You had a crazy week!

I always seem to have technology-related Friday the 13ths. Back 8 or 9 years ago when I got my first laptop, it was plugged into the phone line during a thunderstorm. Lighting struck behind our house and went through the phone line and destroyed my modem!

Unforunately, this Friday the 13th I dropped my DSLR on the kitchen floor and damaged my 50mm 1.4 lens... Boooo. I had to send it away to Canon, $100 to fix it! Not fun!

At least we all made it out without any true harm!

PS - I do know where you can find 4 bunny feet, but they only come connected to a rabbit ;)

Bridget said...

superstitious is suuuuuuuch a good song.