Friday, August 6, 2010

boots. damn.

I had an etsy fail.


If this looks disproportionate, that's because thighs like these are meant to be paired with much larger shoes.

I love love these boots, but their measurements were totally misrepresented. And the worst part? The size is clearly marked on the inside, but wasn't included in the listing. Guh.

Before I write a whiny letter asking for a refund--which I really don't want to do--I'm offering them up here on the off chance someone with a tiny foot is looking for some cute boots for the fall.

size US 6.5 (probably fits up to a 7 considering I was able to fit my 8.5 in there)
asking $50 (less than what I paid, like I said, hate doing returns) plus $10 priority US shipping
email me at and I can give you condition details & more pics if you need them
I'll be writing the seller Saturday if I don't have any takers, thanks!


miss teacups said...

oh wow. those are some super pretty boots! sorry to hear that some people can't read and didn't do the listing properly, lol...that's a shame! i would love them IF they were one size bigger...darnit!