Friday, May 14, 2010

vintage kitchen

I almost forgot to post these finds from last weekend!

With my recent change in employment status, I really shouldn't have done the kind of spending I did. But, my excuse was that Friday was my last real paycheck, so Saturday should be my last real shopping!


The bulk of it...lots of pastel goodies! And ohhh the Pyrex. The turquoise refrigerator dish was far too expensive, so of course when I found the yellow one for way less, I had to get it. Right? Even if it isn't "my color"! I'm happy to report that a majority of these items have actually gotten good use so far and I love them all. And how cool is that vintage four sifter with the label still attached?!


Not my usual colors, but cute! The cup came from Elsie's garage sale. Thanks E!


Vintage unicorn sun catchers? Yes please! Kind of sad one of them is broken but it still works. Need to get those old suction cup hooks to hang them in a window.


Annnnd this adorable 60s biscuit tin from the UK.

Good news, I finished the Summer line today, finally! Hoping we'll have sunny days this weekend to start shooting, but I'm guessing the majority of it will have to be done the following weekend. Anywho, I'm just so excited it's coming along. It's all kinds of awesome.


Petite Annabel said...

Oh, love those pastel things, especially the biscuit tin!

sarah nicole said...

Cute sewing! Cute blog! I love thrifting and Pyrex too.