Sunday, May 2, 2010

latest quiltyness

Don't think I've stopped sewing or anything!


A little mini quilt using this pattern. When I saw her block, I knew I had to make one immediately. When I was halfway through cutting out the 88 1.5" squares (actually, I made mine 2"), I knew I was only going to make one.


But it was a great opportunity to practice stipple quilting! So so fun, I love the way it looks like brains on the back (hah!). Don't think I could stand doing it on a full size quilt, though, so I see many more minis in my future (or as Mark likes to call them, "face quilts").

I also couldn't resist the urge to finally break in to my selvedge stash...


Yumm. Thinking of making two identical minis in this manner: the slate grey with the selvedge plus a bit of print (as the above block demonstrates), and then a black or charcoal with just selvedges showing.

I've got work to do!