Monday, May 17, 2010

old is new

New art. [just the cross stitch and the kitty are new. $4 and $3 respectively.]

New Pyrex. [I swear I find this stuff by intuition now. love it. hope my "Pyrex shelf" doesn't fill up too quickly, I don't want to stop hunting it. $2.25 at Thrift Haven.]

New vintage Coach purse. [I think it's vintage and I think it's authentic Coach. loved how they had fake Gucci behind the counter, and this thing was out with all the cheap purses. it was also half off. if anyone has any knowledge/info/links about this kind of stuff, please get in touch with me! I think my mom has her eye on this treasure...and I sorely owe her a Mother's Day present...but then again, I also have to pay rent next month. ;) ]

New roses. [it has brown spotting on the leaves, so I'm afraid whatever killed it before--I cut TONS of dead limbs off of it--might kill it again. it's so lovely though. I just wish all this rain would quit drowning it!]

Have a great Monday everyone. xoxo