Wednesday, May 26, 2010

long weekend thrifting

Saturday through Tuesday I went down to Arkansas to visit my mom. I'll have more on that later when my film is developed and I have a moments rest from moving out of the loft.

For now, some goodies I picked up along the way...

I seriously think Kaylah and I might have telepathic thrifting powers.

These were all from the antique mall I frequented when I lived back home. It still smelled the same <3 and everything was wayyyyy overpriced! I found the dirty little Cake for a dollar though. The clock is going up in the kitchen, sooo cute!

Another favorite place, right outside of town. Reasonably priced Pyrex :) hooray.

Radical "lace-ups" for a dollar, and a place to put our mail...we're really bad about giving each other our mail, eeps.

Okay, off to Lowes with my man to get more moving boxes!! xoxo


Heather Toner said...

Wow, love those finds! That must be an awesome antique shop.