Monday, May 17, 2010

hot kitty tips needed


Our boys' food dishes are so ugly. Seriously. I bought that Kermit dish for my first cat (that was...4 cats ago) when I was a preteen. Yikes.

Does anyone have any tips on where to get super cute (either retro or modern, but nothing with like...paw prints...or writing...or primary colors) & affordable kitty food dishes? I'm thinking, etsy sellers, or other online shops? (in-store tips welcome too but don't say Ikea because I am about a million miles from one!)

I thought about using Pyrex, but I haven't found anything small (or cheap) enough yet.

Thank you!


Valentina said...

Target! They have cute cute stuff! maybe Joann or a craft store too. Sometimes they have really cute things to hold materials.

Unknown said...

Oooh - I'm on the lookout for this too! I'll have to keep checking back in your comments! :)

jadie said...

when i got my pup this was one of the first things i looked for. i found a set of shallow, plastic, vintage bowls at a thrift store. you could also look for melamine bowls. they're sturdy, come in good colors, and are usually a good size. hope this helps :)

Jodie said...

My two kitties eat off saucers, the cute odd ones, that don't match up to any teacups, I find in the op shops.
But lately they have been eating off Pyrex plates, I got a set of cheap ones at a garage sale, that are now for the kitties :) for their dry bits, I use a vintage china bowl (they share the one dry bowl, the wet food is for the plates)
I also hate how all pet dishes are either tacky, or all "paw prints", and ugly colors!