Saturday, April 3, 2010

love spring cleaning

Mark is the sweetest sweetie best roommate ever and consented to giving the separate (not spare) bedroom over to being my sewing room. He even helped move everything! I have issues with the cats getting all up in my business when I'm trying to sew/craft, I needed to be able to close a door! And luckily he understood.

Plus, our bed looks totally cool in the living-area. And there's a ceiling fan over it. Score.



This is the only corner of the room I've had time to arrange (you don't want to see the other end!), but I'm in love.

This room is also going to be our "walk-in closet"...we're both in the process of paring down our wardrobes.

Loft is good, life is good!


Brianna! said...

Looks really GREAT:]
I'm totally in looks for a loft!
Can't wait to find one either.