Saturday, April 10, 2010

buttons+project runway=zen

I was going through my sewing notions and found a hand full of buttons-to-cover, a few sizes missing the tool you need to put them together. I thought, hm, might be nice to use these up for the craft what did I do?


Ordered a couple hundred more from etsy.


I desperately needed to unwind last night, so I set out everything on the bed, pulled up season seven of Project Runway on Mark's laptop, and made button after button. So zen.

They're all made using yummy vintage feedsack scraps from my precious stash! I haven't intentionally made "sets" but a lot of them are coming together quite nicely.


I can't wait to make up some cards and package them.

Plus, look what I found in my stash!
Is that gen-u-ine Flea Market Fancy?! Nope, it's the original feedsack the design was taken from. I just knew when Ashley posted her find that I had seen that feedsack elsewhere. So happy to have them in my collection, thinking maybe they should be framed?