Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'studio' challenge

Elsie posted a fun challenge this past weekend, to find something in your studio you have yet to use, and use it!

I thought to myself, well, that's about half the stuff in my home. But then I looked over, and saw the huge neat stack of felt. The inexpensive, acrylic felt that was taking up lots of space, and had been through a house move (in a box labeled by my ex "FELT FELT FELT FELT FELT") three times when it should have just been thrown away.

So....I made these:


I love them. I think they may end up wrist corsages, but I haven't decided yet.

The stack isn't that much smaller, so this will be a continuing weekend project for a while, I predict.


Only somewhat related, I found this FQ at Hancock Fabrics the other day. I didn't even realize how much I loved it until I opened it up. Does anyone recognize it? I'm hoping it's "designer" (you'd be surprised at the stuff chain stores get a hold of for their FQs!) so I can get yardage. Anyway, I'm going back in a few days to snag a couple more quarters, hopefully!

edit: turns out I had bought the last FQ, so if you happen to see this print (even in another colorway!) either at your Hancocks, or anywhere else pleaaase let me know and I will pay you to get it for me! xox


Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful! No idea about the FQ, but designer or not it is gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

those felt flowers are AMAZING! how did you make those?! The cream colored ones would make really cute hair clips.

courtney.janelle.sews said...

Aubrey, thank you! the fabric, whooooboy, it's so nice to find beautiful AND inexpensive fabrics, but sooo disappointing because they're hard to find twice, haha!

i-zilla, aw! okay fessing up, I got the concept for the roses from the (just go to their "felt" tag, there's other amazing stuff in there too!). however I just looked at the template and cut everything by hand. makes them more unique, and saves a lot of time! I probably put them together a little differently too, just whatever came most naturally. :)