Monday, March 22, 2010

cinnamon and sugar stick quilt

the cinnamon and sugar stick quilt

It's finally finished.

the cinnamon and sugar stick quilt

I think I started purchasing cinnamon exchange sticks from The Quilt Sampler around December. I never thought I'd actually finish them. Then, when I finished them, turned them in, and got my set back, I never thought I'd make them into a quilt. I love proving myself wrong.

I challenged myself by taking on fabrics I would never normally choose. I decided to align them into stripes in order to emphasize the beautiful colors rather than the prints.


For the binding, I was looking for a light batik but ended up with this amazing stripe instead. Love it.

backing + binding

This was my first time completely machine stitching the binding on a quilt, and I'm so glad I did. I used this tutorial in conjunction with this foot that I mentioned in the previous post.


For the binding I had to go with this batik from JoAnn's. I've been lusting after it (and the rest of the colorway) for months and never had a use for it. It's less eye-crossing in person, and very nice up close.

And, yes....I did tape my quilt on the brick wall of my building with masking tape. Is that so wrong? Oh, well, I actually kind of like it, expect more pics like this in the future!


cArLa said...

wow, it's amazing! i love how you situated the fabric into stripes. i would love to be able to quilt one day... thanks for the inspiration!

Brianna! said...

It's so GORGEOUS!! My grandmother loves to quilt. She has created so many gorgeous peices:)
It takes a REAL talent to do this miss!

Sandra said...

This quilt looks great,love the bright cheerful colours!

courtney.janelle.sews said...

wheee, thanks girls!! :D