Sunday, March 28, 2010

how to have the perfect saturday

Wake up at a reasonable hour, it's beautiful out. Have Just Berries! cereal (for a limited time only; remember how exciting that was when you were little?) for breakfast.

new hair

Check out the DIY haircut/dye you gave yourself the night before and still love it. This is my "Mark quit screwing around with the camera!" face.

i <3 charley's!

my boy

Alter your favorite new dress you bought the day before (accidental I had a bad week, I deserve it shopping) and put on an outfit you can be proud of. Go to Charley's with your q.t. boyfriend!

kitch prints

amazing vintage dress

amazing vintage dress

Find nothing you wanted but everything you need; three kitschy prints ($4 ea.) and the most amazing vintage silk pink floral nearly flawless dress. Once the bedroom is converted into my sewing room, it's getting a very special place on the wall.

spring weather
[right before the rain]

<3 my view
[right after it stopped; I love our view!]

Witness a gorgeous Spring storm. The kind where you can see the rain in the distance, and you can smell it on the pavement, and you feel like your heart has been hibernating since the last time you smelled it and now you're finally awake.

yumm chili!

Make chili and cornbread for a late lunch (thinking about posting my recipe tomorrow).

Round out the evening with a perfect two hour nap, a show with one of your favorite local bands, and bringing five friends back to your house a block away from the venue. Definitely the most people that have been over here at once, and so nice when your cool friends like your home.

Crafty stuff tomorrow! xoxoxo


cArLa said...

i love your tights! what a great day for thrifting and that cornbread and chili looks awfully delicious - do post your recipe!

Anonymous said...

Lovely thrifting finds! Your new haircut looks great! I am so impressed that you gave yourself a haircut! I don't even have the nerve to cut my bangs!

Brianna! said...

that does sound like an amzing way to have a perfect sunday!

& I LOVE LOVE LOVE cornbread
one of my favorite things to eat.

oh, and one last thing the 3 prints are stunning!