Monday, March 1, 2010

read any good picture books lately?

There was a good month in college when I was really excited about the prospect of being a children's illustrator. Fresh from waffling on the photography major, and drowning in the first semester of the art education major, I needed a creative outlet.

It never went any farther than several hours spent at the library perusing 'how to' books and children's books. But from the day I was born (approximately) to the day I die I have an intense love for these funny little illustrations.....

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Most of my childhood books are still at my mom's, but I have a very small sweet collection here. If Mark can ever find the power cord to his scanner I will post them up, I promise!

(Trust me, you can't go on living without having seen The Cat's Pajamas!)


Anonymous said...

I love children's book illustrations! These are great!

cArLa said...

these images are amazing... i also love the illustrations from the old golden books series... would it be too much to ask if you can invite me to join fffound? thanks for your time!

courtney.janelle.sews said...

ohh Carla, I so would if I had an account there but unfortunately I don't! if you find someone with invites let me know ;) hahaha

I forgot about golden books, I really need to get my old ones from my mom's house.