Monday, March 8, 2010

prettiest weekend of the year

Saturday, Mark and I went to this new sushi place for lunch. It used to be a Taco Bueno (yumm) that my ex-best-friend and I went to all the time. We were really excited about a low-key sushi place opening up, and this was their first weekend! I would say we expected it to be a bit cheaper, possibly self-serve/mall-kiosk type sushi with a casual feel. What we got was mall-sushi at fancy-sushi prices, a really obnoxious waiter/host, and an atmosphere of "this used to be a Taco Bueno but we painted the ceiling tiles black, boarded up the windows, and built creepy little elevated booths so we could justify our prices."

Anyway, where was this going? Oh, right. So we joked about how long it would take to get food poisoning from the funky looking salmon. And guess how I felt when I woke up this morning? Mmmm. Cold sweat says it all. I was able to eventually fight it off with a long hot shower and a little bit of food, but you know what I was thinking the whole time I felt ill? "I can't be sick today! I have so much work to do!" Which is odd, because my job is strictly M-F. I've actually started to think of my indie business as a (fun!) job that I need to devote time to & take seriously. So so excited! Even if it is incredibly stressful.

Let me show you what I accomplished after I conquered the sushi bug...

Basting a quilt using the tape method. One of the top 5 reasons I was excited about having hard wood floors!

Learning to use the fancy walking foot.

Getting a bit of quilting done in the process. Look how tight those stitches are! Love this machine.

I also made a bunch of stuff for Wholly Craft, but it's bed time, so I'll have to post about those tomorrow!

It's almost a shame that the weekend I broke out my new machine was also the warmest weekend so far this year. But, even if I didn't spend much time outside, I did enjoy the weather (open windows! happy kitties! sunlight!), and I really enjoyed all the work I got done.


cArLa said...

i love your quilt... it's sooo beautiful! maybe i'll learn to make one someday. i can't wait to see it finished. your fabric choices and colors are great!