Friday, March 5, 2010


Some women choose to follow men. Some women choose to follow dreams. Your career will never wake up one day and decide it doesn't love you any more.
-Lady Gaga, final sentence of her interview in this month's Cosmo

[I was just reading this in the grocery store earlier, and, love her or hate her, I adore this quote. Unfortunately it's not a direct quote because I don't have the mag in front of if you do, please correct me in the comments, thanks!]


Anonymous said...

I freakin worship the Lady. She actually seems really intelligent and a good little Italian girl under all that theatre dress.


Brianna! said...

She's absolutely Brilliant!

courtney.janelle.sews said...

Yeah!! I kind of wish I had put up the $3.99 so I could read the whole thing, now! haha

Robin. said...

haha sweet sentiment... but not entirely true. i woke up one morning and went to work to lose my ten year career to a bad economy. my career didn't love me that day.