Sunday, March 21, 2010

bernina master

Besides the rain/snow/ice, today was a good day.


I spent the majority of it at The Quilt Sampler taking my Bernina Mastery course. I have to confess, I expected to be bored to tears. I'm a terrible student when it comes to hands-on stuff, always working ahead, so on. But I learned several amazingly useful things (like using the foot control with my left foot! and how to clean and oil my machine!) and all the ladies were so so nice.

If you have a Bernina, get a #10 foot. Just trust me.

The binding is on my quilt, finally, so it's getting washed and photographed tomorrow! I'll be back then.


Courtney said...

#10 foot, eh? I really want a walking foot to help with my quilting :)

I still want to take a binding lesson from you1

courtney.janelle.sews said...

#10 has this little bar guide right down the middle of the foot, so that when you're sewing binding on, it keeps you right on the edge! it's actually for topstitching, but when our teacher said you could use it for binding I knew I had to have it.

do you have a bernina dealer there? you should look into taking the class if so! you can take it even if you didn't buy your machine from them, it's just not free. not sure how much it runs...

walking foot is a definite must-have least $100 I think? so glad one came with my machine!

britt said...

I just wrote about the glory of the #10 foot today... ha! It truly is amazing. Which Bernina do you have?

Unknown said...

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