Wednesday, February 17, 2010

an 'in-between' quilt

This is one of those quilts that fills in the cracks. It's not meant for anyone or anything in particular. It's not made up of favorite fabrics. It's not a particularly difficult undertaking.


It's just plain fun! The day after my birthday (and two days after I'd started my '23' quilt) I fell in love with this quilt from Oh, Fransson! I thought about it on and off during our weekend getaway, and on the car ride home I asked Mark, You know that quilt I showed you? What color should I do it in? And of course, he said...............gray. I love gray. But do I have 27 different gray prints? No, I have, like...three. So brown was the next closest thing (not really, but whatever), and it gave me a chance to use some fabrics I'd never use otherwise.


After we got home that Sunday, I spent all day cutting and piecing it. I really had to force myself through the last stretch (I get distracted easily!), but I was determined to start and finish a quilt top in one day. Not only that, but I got it pressed, basted, and a couple of the quilting lines started before I passed out that night.

I used blue painter's tape to mark the diagonal lines, and my beautiful Pfaff's built-in walking foot to quilt on either side of the tape. The quilting was finished after work that Monday, and the binding was added during my lunch breaks (one benefit of working with sewing machines!) over the next couple days.

So what's left? Oh, just hand-sewing the binding to the back. Argh.