Saturday, February 20, 2010

god damn it

I was feeling good. I was sniffly, and achey, and kind of sleepy. But the blinds were open, the sun was shining, my quilting machine had just been moved to a decidedly less cold part of the loft. I was ready to kick quilt ass.


And then it just....stopped working. I had been sewing along for a half hour or so when it turned off, and wouldn't turn back on.

This machine has caused me nothing but heartache. From the fight Mark and I had over it when I bought it, to the fights we've had as to where to put it, to discovering the bobbin casing had been completely disassembled, to my tension being completely screwed any time I try to free motion (including today), to this.

The machine guys know how to fix it, but if it's the power supply that needs to be repaired (probably), I'm looking at around $300. I love this machine. I love that I paid less than a hundred bucks for it. I love that it's exactly like my grandmother's sewing machine. I love that it's from the 70's.

But I'm really really wondering if I shouldn't let it go to sewing machine heaven and save up for one of these......


The EuroTrash Girl said...

total bummer. i know how you feel...argh.