Sunday, November 8, 2009

sunday stash #1

At the very last moment, as I am likely to do.


I'd like to call this first (of many, hopefully) Sunday Stash, "The Best $20 I Ever Spent (On Fabric. This Year. Probably.)"
I mean, come on, I can't keep track of all the twenties I spend on fabric. Ahem.

Twenty amazing discontinued FQs for a dollar a piece. Snagged from The Quilt Sampler accidentally when I was going to pick up my serger they had worked on. If you live in Springfield, near Springfield, or ever happen to be passing through, I highly recommend you pay this store a visit. It's a real joy.


ChickieChirps said...

Great fabrics for $20! Can't go wrong with that!


Unknown said...

I really like the one in the bottom right hand corner - with the knives and forks. All very cute - and only $20! Bargain.