Thursday, November 26, 2009

keeping busy


I promise, I didn't go into a failure-induced craft-coma after my last post. I have proof, even!


Crossing off one thing from my "things to do after the craft show" list, I painted my stool. If I had to guess, I'd say I've had this thing since I was in middle school. At my mom's house, it was used as my side table, dinner table, homework desk, sewing and craft workbench...I can't count how many glasses of orange juice I spilled off of this thing! (okay, hopefully it was just the one, but it was a traumatic experience)

Mostly now it serves as a portable table for my sewing machine, when I want to sew on the bed or couch. And now it looks brand new, like it's actually a part of the decor instead of a dirty little workhorse.


I've also been quilting feverishly on this beauty, instead of packing. Packing you say, but I thought you just moved 3 months ago? Well, yes, I won't go into the gory details now (or ever?), but soon there will be pictures of my amazing new loft, which I am sharing with my amazing new roommate (hint: it's a boy!).

The quilt is my first queen size, and is about 1/9th of the way done, so don't expect completion pictures from me any time soon.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We will be spending the day at Mark's grandparents house with his family. If only it weren't 30-something degrees!