Thursday, September 1, 2011

whoa, hey

I'm doing a little Fall Cleaning (is that a thing?) and I figured I'd bypass Etsy and offer up some cheap cheap deals to my blog readers.

vintage sheets

vintage sheets


I have three flat-rate Priority envelopes stuffed with vintage sheet scraps. Each package contains 15-20 pieces of varying sizes (may contain one or two repeats, but not many). Selling these within the US only for $9.95 including shipping. Sold out, thanks!

vintage sheets

vintage sheets

new toy!

I'm also offering vintage sheet fat quarter packs for $7 including shipping within the US. You will receive five coordinating fat quarters of my choice, plus one bonus fabric from a stash of slightly-too-small pieces. All of the sheets were torn rather than cut, so your piece will be straight-on the grain (this means it's not always perfectly square, if the grain was off, but I always cut slightly larger than 18x22" so you can square up if need be). Feel free to leave a comment in the text field if you have a preference for or aversion to a certain color, and I will do what I can to accommodate. Use the button below to purchase.

Sold out, sorry!


emily b said...

Courtney! This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing your sweet stash! ;)

Hope all is well - haven't heard from you in a while.

courtney.janelle.sews said...

Thank YOU Emily, I'll be getting your piece of the stash-pie out later today. :)

Everything is well indeed, I just had a moment several months ago where I decided, I want to live my life...not blog it! The jury is still out on how successful I've been.

Anonymous said...

I just felt compelled to buy one of those envelopes... Can't wait to receive it and see what's inside.

Not sure what to do with them yet, though. I'm used to sewing things from felt by hand, but I can't do that anymore (arm injuries).

Yet, I want to keep creating, so I bought a sewing machine and signed up for your Home Ec class (back in March) and I'm hoping to turn your scraps into something pretty.

Wish me luck!

LittleGreenThread said...

Just found your blog, so I am just now seeing this. Are the fat quarter packs still available for purchase?!

Anonymous said...

daaamn! U GOT SOME STUFF!!!!!