Sunday, October 25, 2009

I like lists

I'm happy being productive the majority of my time, really I am. I don't mind working 35 hours a week being a seamstress, and then coming home and working on things for the craft show. It's taught me discipline that I never knew I was capable of.

But, I'm also really quite excited to be able to be crafty for me once this is all over.

Some things I'd like to accomplish...

paint my favorite stool (I've used it for over a decade, I'd guess, for eating, sewing, as a night stand, you name it) my favorite color

hang some things on my walls (always a step in the moving process I forget! that and "unpacking")

finish organizing the crafty closet

finish quilting my first queen-size quilt (this will probably take.....months)

make those shoe-covers my mom asked me for

play with dolls some (did I mention, I collect dolls?)

keep up with this darned bloggggggg